Protecting our Environment


Loomis is keenly aware of the challenges facing our planet due to climate change and environmental contamination. 
That’s why we have asked ourselves, what can Loomis do to fight climate change?

Our vision is to be the leading sustainable business partner within our industry by reducing climate impact across the global organisation – by reducing emissions. switching to renewable energy and collaborating with vendors and customers to make sustainable choices.

After a thorough analysis of Loomis’ environmental footprint, we decided to set a specific goal: to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15% in 2024, and by 20% in 2025.


Fleet electrification for sustainability

Transportation accounts for up to 70% of our emissions. We plan to reduce the number of diesel-fueled vehicles from 75% to 41% by 2027. The transition to electric and hybrid vehicles is underway.

Advanced route optimisation 

Use of route optimisation and dynamic scheduling, combined with our smart safe technology reduces the number of collections required and mileage on route, meaning less emissions.

Loomis uses HVO fuel where available

HVO fuel can reduce up to 80% of CO2 emissions. Full electric vehicles also form an integral part of the Loomis fleet. Hydrogen FCVE is also a the forefront of Loomis plans as a renewable energy source.

Solar panels installed in Loomis branches

This helps to reduced our CO2 emissions, with the added benefit of providing energy for electric vehicles. This strategy has been implemented in Spain with excellent results; in Barcelona we are saving 28 t CO2 every year. 

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