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Safe, secure and efficient cash management is a serious business.

Here at Loomis we understand how important it is to have a partner you can trust when it comes to the reconciliation and handling of your cash takings. When working with Loomis you'll benefit from specialist cash processing centres  and our experienced teams of cash processors can handle cash from multiple branches of national firms, to a small business with just one site. Any discrepancies in the cash you supply are quickly identified and resolved.

You will have full access to cash processing reports which give details of processed cash from all of your premises, while our tracking systems give you total security and transparency every step of the way.



We provide timely and efficient cash counting, reconciliation and reporting so you can free up resources to focus on your business.


Our experience in risk management is your security. We can guarantee that your cash is safe throughout the transport and reconciliation phase.


When you work with Loomis, everything is transparent and accessible. You get full insight into the administration of your cash, and you can track every single cash movement.


We handle cash from large retailers' nationwide store networks right down to small cafes. We offer full flexibility and can help your company, regardless of size.


Our team operate from secure facilities where they count and reconcile your cash. The money is then deposited into your bank account. There is full transparency in all parts of the process.

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